The Journey Out

The First Steps To Reclaiming Your Life

The Journey OutThe Journey Out is a book that will help you and encourage your heart and soul to move forward. Sheila candidly shares her story of trials and then shares the strength, determination and fortitude it took to reclaim her life. After reading The Journey Out there will be no doubt in your mind that you, too can claim back your life - if you truly want to.

Sheila Gruenwald is a self motivated teacher and entrepreneur who insists on turning each life experience into fuel to move forward. Growing up in a small redneck town in central British Columbia she learned early that life was not all that one dreams it to be. But she has never stopped dreaming, never stopped reaching for one more dream. Now, as a single mother of four children Sheila relates her story of turning trials into treasures. She shares her life in a way that will motivate anyone to stand up, brush off the dirt and mud, take another deep breath and move forward.

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Sheila's successful approach to leadership and training is evident in her own personal results oriented lifestyle. Her ability to balance a busy daily schedule with commitments to family, business and a very active community involvement would be an object lesson in organization and planning for anyone. The energy and positive ethusiasm she applies in her leadership practice in combination with her teaching background help provide a fast track to learning. I think anyone would be well served to be the recipient of the leadership training Sheila offers.
Doug Ablett
Mill Superintendent
Mount Polley Mines

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