The ripple affect that one woman has on society is evident through her children, her work, her friends and her partner. She truly has a huge impact on all society. We at Reclaim Personal Development Inc. desire to help women who choose to recreate their lives. We also desire to help women have a positive impact upon and influence those with whom they share their journey.

Reclaim recognizes there is a wealth of knowledge and experience in each successful person. Our goal is to bring out current knowledge and couple it with new skills so that it becomes relevant to each participant. Participation is highly encouraged in all workshops; as we engage participants to learn new concepts in a self-study, one on one and group environment.

Lead Coach, Sheila Gruenwald, has over 20 years of coaching individuals and teams, garnering cross-cultural experience and building strategic relationships in First Nations communities, school districts, mining, non-profit organizations, volunteer organizations, medical facilities and women's organizations.

Your Success is Our Success!


Whether you are looking forward to life or trying to make sense of past relationships this book teaches the reader to know, "You are worth the journey." Good advice and many answers for contemporary Canadian women.
Dr. Chris Montoya, PhD Psychology


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